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Article: Summary of our December 14 Revolution gala!

Résumé de notre gala Révolution du 14 décembre!

Summary of our December 14 Revolution gala!

First of all, thank you to those who purchased a ticket to come and encourage the athletes and who allowed us to present this sold-out gala! And thank you to those who accompanied us via streaming, your presence encourages us to continue our mission of getting talented local athletes to box!

Thank you also to our partners for the evening, your help and support are most precious!

Special mention to the boxers on the card, without them not only would there be no show, but we would not have the opportunity to share our passion for sport in this way!

Here is the evening in summary for those who were unable to attend.


🥊 Yannick Wilcott vs Luis Daniel Najeras Rios

The ice is broken for Wilcott who was making his first professional fight. Although he faced an opponent with an offensive style and continuous pressure, he scored his first victory in the major leagues!


🥊 Mathilde Barailler vs Shadem Natali Medina Aguilar

In the first women's fight of the evening, the two athletes showed boundless energy, but Barailler won with great ease. His mobility, varied attacks in combinations and rapid execution using angles give him a clear advantage. Aguilar tries at all costs to go on the counter-offensive, but it is not easy with a more hermetic defense from Barailler.

It’s a superb victory for Mathilde Barailler!

🥊 Maxime Lepage vs Antonio Vazquez

Lepage started the fight strong by taking the center of the ring and being active on the attack. The left-hander, who trains with Jessy Ross Thompson, continues on an offensive momentum by varying the attacks with rapid combinations using hooks and uppercuts on several occasions. Vazquez increases the number of punches he throws in the 2nd round and thus offers a little more adversity. Vazquez tries to put more pressure, but Lepage moves well and doesn't get caught in the cables.

In this well-balanced fight between 2 boxers who were well invested from the first to the last round, it was Lepage who had the upper hand and emerged victorious from this duel!

🥊 Jade Masson Wong vs Elifeleth Lopez

A highly anticipated fight this evening for the boxing debut of Jade Masson-Wong. The first round was at a pace to gauge the opponent and potential openings, but the second round was more active, particularly with Masson-Wong's jab. The Quebecer stands out with a more “clear” execution than Lopez who goes wider and thus creates openings. We also observe a difference in the striking force which seems quite greater for Masson-Wong. The pace of the fight is excellent and the crowd is clearly behind Masson-Wong who performed well for this first in pro boxing as she signs a first victory!


🥊 Zacharie Loiseau vs Alejandro Medina de la Rosa

Medina rushes as soon as the bell sounds towards Loiseau who does not let himself be impressed by his opponent's offensive and who quickly succeeds in imposing his rhythm. He also puts pressure on his opponent using his combinations, he places good body shots and slows down Medina's momentum.

Boxing fans in attendance are treated to an excellent fight! The 2 boxers are very active, Loiseau is technically superior, but Medina shows good opposition. In the 3rd round , Loiseau goes with more punches in combinations, even the direct jabs do an excellent job of slowing down Medina who will have to adjust quickly.

Loiseau maintains the advantage in the 4th round and continues with a good volume of punches, varying the hooks with the right, and Medina sees nothing but fire! He tries in vain to slow down the Quebecer by hanging on, but to no avail, it is clear that Loiseau is “all in” for victory!

Excellent end to the fight for Loiseau who wins!

🥊 Jan-Michael Poulin vs Esteban Villalba

It's already the semi-final with Poulin and Vilalba, another left-right duel. The Quebecer arrived at weight during the weigh-in, while Vilalba was 5 pounds heavier. The level of activity is different between the two athletes and Poulin is more active on the attack.

It's a tougher fight in the 2nd round when Villalba seems to be getting out of hand a little, but Poulin continues to insist on the attack. Poulin demonstrated better mobility allowing him to push Villalba towards the cables, but the latter had much more distribution and hit Poulin in the body on a few occasions. Although Villalba increases his pace with each round, he remains very linear, which can make him predictable and Poulin is aware of the advantage this gives him and maintains an attacking style from the start of the fight. The more the rounds progress, the tougher the exchanges become. Poulin throws good hooks, and his back hand is effective. The last round raises the crowd!

It is no surprise given Poulin's dominance that the announcer announces his victory!

🥊 Edwing Davila vs Pablo Polanco Fernandez

The finale of the evening presents us with a competitive and rhythmic fight. Opponents with similar caliber, but Davila is more precise in the blows he lands. He is also a little more hermetic on the defensive aspect, which allows him to block blows rather than absorb them. Davila also varies his blows, and tries to hit hard on the body of his opponent who takes it well. Of similar power, the 2 men give each other a nice repartee and the rhythm remains as the rounds progress. Fernandez does not give up and increases the pace, imposing himself more in the 6th round , in particular by hitting Davila in the body strongly with his right, enough to disturb him and for him to show a drop in speed. Never mind the following round Davila returns with his explosive style and makes sure to stay close to the opponent to work in close combat as well as to counterattack with power if the opportunity presents itself.

Excellent fight for the final, and it's Davila who adds a hard-earned victory to his record after 8 rounds!

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